School Learning Resource Center

APRIL JOY V. GUEVARRA Teacher III/ LRC Coordinator

The School Learning Resources Center is a school facility. The SLRC serves as an additional educational tool to supplement the needs of the learners. It is, indeed, an education-specific library that provides educational resources to faculty, students, and teachers, such as journals, teaching resources, audio visual materials (AV materials), and hands-on learning materials.

Learning Centers are required whenever a community’s educational needs are not met by other facilities. It keeps the students entertained and focused. They also learn how to be self-sufficient. The LRC offers a variety of learning support services to help students achieve and succeed.


The LRC’s mission is to ensure that all learners are appropriately challenged and taught for them to reach their full potential and academic skills. Furthermore, is to meet the needs of both faculty and students by providing materials related to subject fields, child, and adolescent learning, and to provide students with hands-on experience with equipment and materials.


Subic National High School Learning Resource Center aims to: 1) instruct students in the effective and efficient use of the LRC and its materials; 2) support the school’s educational programs by providing appropriate educational materials and services to both faculty and students; 3) provide physical facilities and equipment that will make possible the most effective use of A-V quality services by collecting and organizing books and other materials such as periodicals, vertical files and audio-visual or A-V materials relevant to the curricular programs and organizing them for quick access; 4) improve access to the collection through its computerized bibliographical services; 5) keep pace with the trends brought by information technology through its Internet facilities and materials in coordination with the staff assigned at the A-V materials and Storage Room; and 6) coordinate with the Monitoring Supervisors for feedback and technical assistance.


Subic National High School Learning Resource Center engaged in several activities to achieve the aforementioned goals.


Securing of Division Procured Modules


Last September 2, 2022 and October 20, 2022, the LR Team was tasked to secure the Division procured modules for Quarter 4 from Central School to the School LRC and storage area per department.

          There are 164 modules for Grade 7, 364 modules for Grade 9 and 270 modules for Grade 10. Most of the modules are Mathematics, MAPEH and EsP.

Cleaning of the Learning Resource Center

To properly identify, classify, and record the valuable items of the school LRC and library, the newly designated LRC Coordinator must conduct a physical inventory of all school-owned and purchased furniture and equipment.